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I am the President of Labor for Refugees Victoria and a Member of the National Co-ordinating Committee. I chaired the working group which developed our submission on Migrants and Refugees policy to the National Policy Forum. I am passionate about our commitment to offer protection to those who come seeking asylum.

I am a member of the ALP policy committee on Commonwealth Affairs & Federal Relations (CAFR) and a Bendigo FEA delegate to State Conference. Having been a member of the Woodend branch since 2013, I am currently President.

PaulineBrownAfter more than thirty years as a Careers Counsellor in the public sector, TAFE, secondary school and universities, I have been a volunteer in the VET Education Program at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) for the past six years. At times, I have filled the role of Education Manager on a locum basis. I am involved in the Woodend community as a member of the Macedon Ranges Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) and Woodend Red Cross.

In addition to Refugees, my policy priorities include Indigenous Recognition and Closing the Gap, Environment and Climate Change, Inequality and Education. Along with many others, I am committed to empowering rank and file party members to participate in all aspects of the party including candidate selection, policy formation and establishing/amending party rules.

Linda Condon –
I am active in the Albert Park Branch and want a more open and transparent ALP. I am an independent/non-aligned ALP member and support Open Labor.

Party reform

If elected I intend to continue to pursue the following reforms; direct party member participation with at least 50% weighting in pre-selecting Senate candidates; increasing the weighting for local party members in Victorian pre-selections from 50% to 70% and curtailing central intervention in pre-selections. I will also propose that the directly elected National President and Vice Presidents be granted voting rights on the National Executive and that the rulings of the National Disputes Tribunal be binding on the Party.

Policy position

LindaCondonI want solutions for climate change to be implemented which includes 50% renewable by 2030 and a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030; better and fairer ways to welcome refugees to our country (aligned with Labor for Refugees policies); the signing of a Treaty with the Nations First People; implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart; implementation of policies for affordable housing and more investment in social housing; action on static wages by promoting union membership; greater investment in TAFE; investment in infrastructure for electric vehicles and an increased ratio of qualified nurses in aged care.

My background

I am a director of Proactive Sustainability, convener of the Fishermans Bend Network and active on environmental and social issues. I founded the teaching and research centre at Swinburne University – the National Centre for Sustainability, established the TAFE International Green Skills Network, am a member of Labor for Refugees, a member of LEAN, an FEA elected delegate to the last two Victorian State conferences and volunteer for the University of the 3rd Age.

Phone 0410 569 364.


Jamie Gardiner

As a member of the Independents/Non-aligned Group I am particularly keen on promoting democracy within the party, such as this first-ever rank & file ballot for National Conference delegates, ending branch-stacking and other rorts and so making our party truly fit to govern.

A State Conference Delegate for the Melbourne FEA, for many years I’ve been on the Victorian ALP’s Justice & Democracy Policy Committee, contributing to policy formation and recommendations adopted in the State Platform on many occasions, most recently in specific human rights commitments of the 2014 Platform.

I am Secretary of the LGBTI Affairs Policy Committee, and have been since its inception in 2008. We developed policy initiatives expanding and embedding the ALP’s commitment to equality for LGBTI communities in both State and National Platforms—more still to do! As a 2011 National Conference Delegate I helped further develop numerous policy initiatives, based on the work I and the JamieGardiner
committee had done in the 2010 State Platform, and these—including marriage equality—were adopted.The work we did for the 2014 Victorian Platform, further developing the 2010 work, formed part of the Andrews Government’s successful election policy.

I am on the LGBTI Taskforce—a Ministerial advisory body in the Department of Premier & Cabinet, Equality Branch—and the Human Rights Law Centre board, and a volunteer lawyer in HRLC’s Expungement Legal Service.

From 2000 to 2009 I was a Member of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, playing a leading role in 2006’s successful Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities campaign, a major Bracks Government achievement