National President Candidates

Many people have emailed asking my view on the candidates and for the factional leanings of the candidates.

Mark Butler, Jane Garrett and Louise Pratt are from the Left and Henry Pinskier & Tim Hammond lean to the Right.

The Independents have always taken the view that in elections like this it is up to each individual to make up their mind as to how they will vote after reading the statements from the candidates and utilising what other sources of information they can access. Below I have stated the view that I have reached because many have asked for my opinion – it shouldn’t be regarded in any way as an edict about how you should vote – we don’t do that.

Personally I will vote for Mark Butler because he has a proven history of support for democratic reform at least back as far as the Hawke-Wran proposals of the early 2000s and his personal statement makes the clearest commitment of all candidates to reform that gives members real greater voice both in internal elections and policy formation.

PS Local Labor and Open Labor conducted a survey of the candidates. The results of that survey can be found on the Open Labor Blog.

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