Forging an alliance to work for Democracy

Forging an alliance to work for democracy within Victorian Labor Sunday February 2 at 2 pm

Recent events have made it absolutely clear that the iron fisted discipline exercised by the
power brokers of the Right and Left factions acting in collusion under the guise of the so called
stability pact to force their factions’ members on the Administrative Committee and
the Public Office Selection Committee (POSC) to vote for proposals whether those
individuals agree with them or not seriously threatens the future of Labor in Victoria.

Loyalty to Party must come before loyalty to faction on bodies such as the Administrative
Committee and the POSC but this is not the case in Victorian Labor where all key decisions
are now made and enforced by a small cabal of Left and Right power-brokers.

Exploratory discussions have been held to discuss the dire situation in which we find
ourselves and a tentative proposal has been framed around the forthcoming FEA Elections
likely to be conducted in late March‐ early April.

State Conference delegates are the key to advancing the cause of Party democracy.
The Party needs not only Conference delegates who pledge to support reform and not
accept direction as to how they vote on individual items at Conference but they also need to
pledge to vote for candidates for key positions such as Administrative Committee member
or POSC who commit that they will not be bound or directed by a faction as to how they
vote on those bodies but will vote in what they regard as the best interests of the
membership and the Party as a whole.

A special meeting open to any Party member will be held at 2pm this coming Sunday
February 2 to explore this proposal. See below.

Victorian Labor Independents Meeting
Forging an Alliance to Work for Democracy Within Victorian Labor
Middle Park Community Centre
254‐256 Richardson St
Middle Park (Melways: 2K/E11)
2pm Sunday Feb 2nd 2014

Contact: Eric Dearricott
Secretary Victorian Independents
0419 357 192


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